Show documents, obtained by the “Wi-News,” Names real financiers of al Qaeda and jihadist movements active in the Middle East, North Africa and other countries of the world. The documents included the names of 131 academics, activists and clerics belonging to 31 countries from around the world, providing “legal support” for jihadist movements and armed groups.

Among them, the documents also indicate 0.12 Personal Iraqi political and religious, most notably 6 influential businessmen in the custody of the Iraqi market, “Wi-News” on anonymity. The Foreign Ministry issued a report on the U.S., earlier this month, saying that the private donations from the Gulf states, “has been the main source of financing terrorist groups.”

The documents reveal that “support the legitimate” jihadist movements consists of 7 forms, the most important financial support through charity donations and zakat, “After the excitement of passion and enthusiasm among Muslims,” preceded by the “support legitimate to improve the image of armed jihad recruitment and call him.”

The documents the names of 28 personal Saudi support for “jihad” and 12 Iraqi figure, most notably 6 businessmen influential in the Iraqi market, and 10 Pakistanis, and 8 of Algeria, and 6 Palestinians, and 6 Moroccans, and 6 figures from Senegal, and six Indonesians, 5 figures Kuwaiti, and 4 from Eritrea, and 3 from Turkey, and 4 people from Egypt, Lebanon, and two from Britain, as well as figures from Ghana, Sudan, Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Comoros, Kenya, Somalia, Mauritania, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh, and other residents in Sweden, the Netherlands and Australia.

The documents showed that the types of support also includes “providing the necessary support for the holding of conferences and seminars to expand relations between the leaders of the armed factions or on behalf of, and to coordinate and expand their operations jihadist ways of financing and determine their costs.”

Support numerous classifications according to the documents, include “allocation of adequate funds for the development of websites factions and jihadist movements, in addition to support the publication of books, letters and other publications.”

Financiers and Iraqis, according to the documents, that “most of them were enriched at the expense of his relationship with the former regime, and now run businesses in the Iraqi market is commercial agencies and ¬†remittances companies, banks and civil, as well as investment in the industry and a variety of businesses.”

According to the documents, that “funding primarily goes to the foundation and the Army of the Mujahideen Brigades and Hamas and the Islamic Army of Iraq, which is the largest armed faction in the country.”

According to the documents, one of the most prominent politicians, businessmen, who has custody of “Wi-News” on anonymity, depends on the Army of the Mujahideen and considers him “striking his hand in the event of exposure to any problems.”

Based on previous reports of security, “the size of the financing of jihad operations in Iraq have arrived at two million dollars a month, all of which come from abroad.”

In spite of the conditions imposed by the U.S. State Department and the Treasury Department with the help of the banks and the sources and destinations of remittances in the world, but that donor funds deployed in various Islamic countries are still an important source of jihadist movements.

And changed the jihadist movements and al-Qaeda in Iraq, the traditional ways of funding sources, and adopted the taxation of commercial and industrial activities in the areas it controls.

In Syria, was the oil more non-traditional sources of financing the activities of armed jihadist movements, which dominated the front victory beginning at oil refineries and wells in many areas, Mrs. Mubarak Deir ez-Zor and Al-Hasakah and proceeded to extract oil and sell it provided its financial revenues about $ 2.4 million days, or about 72 million dollars a month, which helped to finance the armed activity.

The names of the financiers of jihadist movements and al-Qaeda in Alacherq East and Iraq, according to the documents:

1. Dr. Ibrahim bin Hamad wheelchair-bound, a former university professor and a businessman / Saudi Arabia

2. Sheikh Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, who is president of Birr Charity Society Balauaquilih / Saudi Arabia

3. Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al-Jarallah, a university professor and a businessman / Saudi Arabia

4. Dr. Ibrahim bin Nasser Nasser, an Islamic preacher / Saudi Arabia

5. Dr. Ibrahim board, director of studies at the University of Dakar / Senegal

6. Dr. Ahmad Abu Aleppo, president of the Association for Islamic Studies in Jerusalem / Gaza – Palestine

7. Dr. Ahmad Chris, head of the Unification Movement and the Reform / Morocco

8. Sheikh Ahmed Korean, Cleric / Mauritania

9. Dr. Ahmed bin Rashid bin Saeed, a university professor / Saudi Arabia

10. Dr. Ahmed Hussein Dabash, Cleric / Iraq

11. Mr. Ahmed salary rasp, director of the publishing house of valuables / Lebanon

12. Sheikh Adam, Noah, Adam, Cleric / Ghana

13. Sheikh Ejaz Afzal Khan, Amir of the Islamic group in Kashmir / Pakistan

14. Khudair seven Sheikh Amin al-Janabi, Cleric / Iraq

15. Dr. Jalluli Bozzoana, university professor / Algeria

16. Beloved Dr. Adami, professor / Algeria

17. Sheikh Sadiq Abdullah Abdul Majid, Cleric / Sudan

18. Sheikh Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Amir of JI / Pakistan

19. Professor Boujamaa Ayad, a businessman / Algeria

20. Mr. Tawfiq bolus Anis, a businessman / Lebanon

21. Dr. Jassim bin Mohammed bin sleazy Yaseen, Cleric / Kuwait

22. Dr. Jamal Sultan, editor of the new magazine Manar / Egypt

23. Professor Jamil Mohammed Ali Farsi, a businessman / Saudi Arabia

24. Dr. Harith Suleiman al-Dhari, Cleric / Iraq

25. Sheikh Hafiz Abdul Rahman Makki, Cleric / Pakistan

26. Sheikh Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, the Amir-ud-Dawa / Pakistan

27. Governor Dr Al-Mutairi, Secretary-General of the Salafi Movement / Kuwait

28. Sheikh Hamed al-Ali, a university professor / Kuwait

29. Sheikh Hijazi Wadia, Islamic activist / Palestine

30. Sheikh Hassan Moussa, chairman of the Swedish Board of Imams / Sweden

31. Rawashda Mr. Hussein, a writer and journalist / Jordan

32. Dr. Hussein bin Mohammed al-Hazmi famous, university professor / Saudi Arabia

33. Omar Sheikh Hussein Bin Mahfouz Shoaib, managing editor of Forum magazine / Yemen

34. Sheikh Hussein Moussa Hussein, Cleric / Eritrea

35. Hamdi Sheikh Arslan, teacher Fatih Mosque / Turkey

36. Sheikh Hamoud bin Abdul Aziz Al-Tuwaijri, Cleric / Saudi Arabia

37. Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Duweish, university professor / Saudi Arabia

38. Sheikh Mohammed Khader Habib, an Islamic preacher / Palestine

39. Sheikh Khalifa bin Mohammed master, Cleric / Qatar

40. Professor Drupal Abdul-Wahab, a member of Renaissance Movement / Algeria

41. Professor winner Qandil, a businessman / Algeria

42. Dr. Rashid bin Misfer al-Zahrani, Cleric / Saudi Arabia

43. Sheikh Rashid largest pilgrimage, the Emir of JI / Sri Lanka

44. Sheikh Ahmed Hamdi B, Cleric / Thailand

45. Sheikh Ramadan Mohammed Nur, Cleric / Eritrea

46. Sheikh Zakaria Cisse, preacher and lecturer in Krmesar / Senegal

47. Mr. Zaki Saleh Nahdi, Cleric / Indonesia

48. Sheikh Sajid Ali piety, the leader of the Islamic Movement / Pakistan

49. Sagaf Dr. Salem Al-Jafari, head of the Indonesian Committee for the Defense of the Afghan

people – the director of the Advisory Board for the application of Islamic law / Indonesia

50. Sheikh Salem Abdul Rahim Barhian, Cleric / Kenya

51. Dr. Sami Rashid al-Janabi, Cleric / Iraq

52. Dr. Saud bin Hasan Mukhtar, professor / Saudi Arabia

53. Professor Said Green Mercy, Cleric / Algeria

54. Said Dr Burhanuddin, Head of the School of Imam Shafi’i / Comoros

55. Dr. travel bin Abdul Rahman al-Hawali, Cleric / Saudi Arabia

56. Sheikh Salman bin Fahd al-Awda, Cleric / Saudi Arabia

57. Dr. Sulaiman bin Saleh Rashudi, businessman / Saudi Arabia

58. Mr. Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al-Essa, a businessman / Saudi Arabia

59. Sheikh listens and right, the leader of Jamiat Ulema Islam (private) / Pakistan

60. Professor Sir Ghali Lu, Cleric / Senegal

61. Sheikh Ahmed Shah Noorani, leader of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan and a member of the Senate /


62. Shaher bin Abdul Raouf Batterjee, a businessman / Saudi Arabia

63. Sheikh Sharif Hussein, Imam of the Mosque of Omar ibn al-Khattab / Australia

64. Chaouki Ben Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Mannai, Cleric / Bahrain

65. Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Limo, Chairman of the Coordination Council of Islamic Organizations / Nigeria

66. Sheikh Professor Diane BMP, Cleric / Senegal

67. Sheikh Saleh bin Othman Al-Ghamdi, a businessman / Saudi Arabia

68. Mr. Saleh Ali Saleh, an Islamic preacher / Eritrea

69. Dr. Tarek Saleh Jamal, a university professor / Saudi Arabia

70. Dr. Tarek Abdel Halim, director of Dar Al-Arqam / Canada

71. Dr. Tahir Ahmad Lulu, Cleric / Palestine

72. Sheikh Taher Mahmoud Guelleh, the director of the Holy Quran Radio / Somalia

73. Sheikh Adel Ben Ali Sheikh, an Islamic preacher / Bahrain

74. Dr. Adel Al-Junaidi, Cleric / Hebron – Palestine

75. Dr. Ayesh Rajab al-Qubaisi, Cleric / Iraq

76. Sheikh Abdelbari Zamzami, Cleric / Morocco

77. Sheikh Abdul Hay Amor, Cleric / Morocco

78. Professor Azzedine bulldozer, a businessman / Algeria

79. Dr. Ali Mukul VMA, university professor / Yemen

80. Sheikh Brigadan patience, Chairman scientists Indonesia / Indonesia

81. Professor Back Suleiman Mustafa Abu Eid, an Islamic preacher / Palestine

82. Dr. Awad bin Mohammed Al-Qarni, a former university professor and lawyer / Saudi Arabia

83. Sheikh Issa Ochala Salahuddin, Cleric / Nigeria

84. Professor Issa Gay, Cleric / Senegal

85. Dr. Ghulam greatest, the Emir of the Islamic group formerly / Bangladesh

86. Sheikh Ghulam Rasool peasants, President of the Organization of Islamic / Nepal

87. Sheikh Light launched a second, Cleric / Benin

88. Dr. Fatima Brash, a university professor / Algeria

89. Dr. Fatima Khnaifes Althbyta, university professor / Saudi Arabia

90. Mr. Fayez Saleh Jamal, writer and businessman / Saudi Arabia

91. Freeh Sheikh Ali bin Turki bin Oqla, an Islamic preacher and lawyer / Saudi Arabia

92. Sheikh Farid bin Osman Habib, an Islamic preacher / Saudi Arabia

93. Sheikh Fazlur Rehman, leader of Jamiat Ulema Islam / Pakistan

94. Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Mubarak Al-Thani, Cleric / Qatar

95. Professor Muhammad sleek Shahura, Cleric / Indonesia

96. Altgkane Dr. Mohammed Habib, a university professor / Morocco

97. Mr. Mohamed Rasheed Jabr Al-Rashid, a businessman / Saudi Arabia

98. The Rocky Sheikh Mohammed, a university professor / Morocco

99. Judge Mohammed Sadiq Mughallis, a university professor and judge / Yemen

100. Sheikh Mohammed Al Awadi, Cleric / Kuwait

101. Dr. Mohammad Din Syamsuddin, chairman of Muhammadiyah Association / Indonesia

102. Sheikh Mohammed olive Two drawings, president of the Association of Islamic unity Bmaxr / Indonesia

103. Dr. Mohammed Sajid Mir Mir bin Abdul Gayoom, the leader of Jamiat Ahl-talk / Pakistan

104. Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Abdullah Pavel, Cleric / Saudi Arabia

105. Sheikh Mohammed Sulaiman Abda, thinker and writer / United Kingdom

106. Sheikh Mohamed Abdou Ibrahim Ali, of Al-Azhar scholars / Egypt

107. Dr. Mohammed Ayash al-Kubaisi, Cleric / Iraq

108. Professor Muhammad Kazem Sawalha, president of the Islamic Association / United Kingdom

109. Dr. Mohammad Kurd, president of the Islamic University of Europe / Netherlands

110. Mr. Mohamed Mbeki Leandro, Cleric / Senegal

111. Orphan Sheikh Mohammed, an Islamic writer / Morocco

112. Sheikh Mahmoud Idris addicted, Cleric / Eritrea

113. Sheikh Murad Yasha, Cleric / Turkey

114. Dr. Musa bin Mohammed Al-Qarni, a university professor and lawyer / Saudi Arabia

115. Dr. Nasser Al-Sane, Cleric / Kuwait

116. Dr. Nasser bin Suleiman Age, Cleric / Saudi Arabia

117. Sheikh Nizamuddin Camesi, an Islamic scholar / Pakistan

118. Sheikh Nur al-Din Yildiz, Cleric / Turkey

119. VMA Dr Hashim Ali, a university professor / Saudi Arabia