ISIS is not an “Islamic State” nor does it show Islamic values. ISIS is using the word Islam as a cover for their crimes against humanity. GAFTA has adopted one way to fight Al-Qaeda /ISIS; ideologically by alienating Al- Qaeda /ISIS from mainstream Muslims

If we attempt this method of fighting them ideologically, we must stop calling this terrorist organization “The Islamic State” and “Radical Muslims.”By calling them these names, we are only helping this organization by bringing it more attention as well as assisting them recruit others. ISIS is appreciative of the work that the American and Arab media are doing for them; giving them much attention due to the fact they are being talked about 24-hours a day as well as making recruiting terrorists much easier and motivating them to join evil battles, we thought after all these crimes and the genocides committed against humanity the name we should begin calling them is DSIS (Devil State of Iraq and Syria).

Our battle against this evil organization cannot be achieved without comprehensive understanding of the nature of this battle. GAFTA has made it clear in its ten strategic points for fighting Al-Qaeda/ ISIS that fighting them ideologically would require us to alienate them from the Muslim world and mobilize Muslims to fight them. The battle will then be switched between the whole world and Islam against Al Qaeda/ ISIS.