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Dear Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland,

I would like to introduce GAFTA, Global Alliance for Terminating Al-Qaeda/ISIS, a non-profit organization which was established in early 2014. Since its inception, GAFTA has been quite busy. In recent months, we have been to several different conferences around the U.S., garnering wide support and interest. We have been to Detroit, Orlando, and Chicago introducing our organization to different Islamic centers and churches.

At GAFTA, our goal is to spread awareness and educate the general public in identifying faulty and extremist ideologies of Al-Qaeda/ISIS and their affiliates. Eventually we would like to translate our efforts in educating communities all over the world. The media has shown countless youth from Western countries joining ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and need to show the realities of these extremist groups before any more youth are brainwashed into joining a false fight.

However, we think we need to go a few steps further to take down these groups by bringing to light their supporters and bank rollers. Financial support is what makes ISIS the most affluent terrorist group in the world, one can only imagine the threat this group could further inflict with such a multiplicity of funds. Financial backers, in hand with complicity of deviant and disingenuous scholars of religion who promote this dangerous and deviant ideology, need to be identified and be subject to a court of law for their affiliations and support of mass brutality and terrorism which results in inhuman torturous crimes, such as what happened recently to the Jordanian pilot.

The birth of such an ideology was not 9/11, these ideological and deviant strands of belief were spread and funded all over the world via imposter and fraudulent scholars who traveled from the Middle East to Europe, Asia, Africa, as well as our homeland, the United States of America. It is imperative we work together to counter these ideologies and bring these promoters/scholars to justice in the United States.

We are in the process of establishing another chapter in Detroit with plans to continue expanding in the US. Currently, we are planning to host a conference in DC.  We need your assistance to be involved in this brave fight. We as citizens of this country and as followers of the Islamic faith pledge to categorically reject the false and deviant teachings that are hijacking our religion. Please join us as fellow citizens to condemn ISIS and affiliated and alike terrorist groups and further protect this country. Our organization is not limited to any religion or faith; we welcome all members of humanity and we extend our humble invitation to you.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.