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    Reporter Jürgen Todenhöfer Was Embedded With Islamic State. He Came Back Alive.

Reporter Jürgen Todenhöfer Was Embedded With Islamic State. He Came Back Alive.

Jürgen Todenhöfer spent months in covert negotiations with Islamic State fighters over Skype, until he had reassurances from the very highest levels of the “Caliphate” that he would be safe in Iraq and Syria. […]

Letter to Obama

If we attempt this method of fighting them ideologically, we must stop calling this terrorist organization “The Islamic State” and “Radical Muslims.”By calling them these names, we are only helping this organization by bringing […]

Letter To US Congress

Dear member of the Congress,

This non-inclusive US foreign policy for fighting ISIS will take us to an endless war full of more chaos and a turbulent Middle East. Concerning the policy towards Iraq vs. […]

ISIS kills 150 women

The Iraqi Human Rights Ministry has declared that an ISIS terrorist known as Abu Anas Al-Libi, has killed more than 150 women and girls for refusing to comply with the “Jihad marriage” (Jihad el-Nikah) […]

Rand Paul: We armed ISIS’ allies

U.S. Senator Rand Paul told the TV channel CNN that the U.S. armed ISIS because it supported its allies in Syria. Paul forgets mentioning that a source close to former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri […]

Crimes Against Humanity

They have crucified hundreds, executed thousands and left millions without homes. Women and girls have been raped in front of their fathers and brothers, historic mosques and churches have been demolished and the female […]