GAFTA’s Washington, DC Conference

  • Conference hosted by GAFTA included Shyk Hesham Al-Husseini from The Karbala Center in Detroit.
  • Advisor to former and current prime minster in Iraq, in charge of Badr Brigade from the notional popular movement (Al Hashed AlShabbie)
  • Dr. Buthaina Shaaban current media advisor to President Assad of Syria, Nobel Prize winner, former professor at Duke University, author of several books in English.

GAFTA’s sole purpose is to rid this world of terrorist groups throughout the world by educating those who are involved in or are on the brink of joining terror groups, understanding the psychology behind these murderers, working with media outlets to inform people that these extremists do not represent the religion they claim to follow.

Join us in this struggle against one of the evils of our time that threatens humanity worldwide. These terrorists will not stop till that day comes when we see our loved ones killed at their hands. Christians, Jews, Muslims and anyone who stands in the way of their murderous rampage will be deemed lawful to kill.

If you would like to help us in this journey you may do so in many ways. Please contact us and let us know if you are capable and willing to assist in the following ways:


Without your support GAFTA would not be possible.

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